Welcome to Lakeview!

Located immediately to the north of Lincoln Park, Lakeview offers one of the most diverse communities in the city. Rubbing up to the shore of Lake Michigan, this North Side neighborhood has something for everyone, from shops, restaurants, bars, and entertainment that appeal to young singles, to top-rated schools and kid-friendly amenities for families. Lakeview's housing stock runs the gamut in style and price making it a practical and popular choice of neighborhoods for many Chicagoans. Condominium residences are available in vintage walk-ups, new-construction three-flats, loft buildings, converted courtyard buildings, four-plus- ones, and high-rises from just about every era dating back to the 1920s. Lakeview also features a variety of single-family home styles, from stately mansions near Lincoln Park and the lakefront to contemporary new construction.

A beautiful neighborhood of verdant parks, quiet residential streets and bustling retail districts, Lakeview beckons Chicagoans with attractions such as the lakefront, scores of restaurants and bars, eclectic shopping districts such as the Southport Corridor, and the friendly confines of Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. It also has one of the country's largest gay populations. Like Lincoln Park, Lakeview boasts a number of the city's top schools and a wealth of cultural attractions including a thriving theater scene.

getting around on the "L"

Red line: Addison, Belmont

Brown line: Diversey, Paulina, Southport & Belmont

Purple line: Diversey & Belmont


hop on the metra



take the bus

8 (Halsted)

9 (Ashland)

22 (Clark)

36 (Broadway)

77 (Belmont)

134 (Stockton–LaSalle Express)

135 (Clarendon–LaSalle Express)

136 (Sheridan LaSalle Express)

143 (Stockton–Michigan Express)

144 (Marine–Michigan Express)

146 (Inner Drive Express)

147 (Outer Drive Express)

148 (Clarendon–Michigan Express)

151 (Sheridan)

152 (Addison)

154 (Wrigley) Field Express

156 (LaSalle)


hey taxi!

Approximate fare downtown & travel time: $16.00 / 15min


divvy stations



North: Irving Park Rd.

South: Diversey

East: Lake Michigan

West: Ravenswood Ave.




Lincoln Park, Roscoe Village, Uptown, North Center,

Lincoln Square, Ravenswood, Buena Park



East Lakeview/Boystown, Southport Corridor, Wrigleyville, 

Roscoe Village, West Lakeview




5 miles




Agassiz, Blaine, Burley, Greeley, Hamilton, Hawthorne,

Nettelhorst, Prescott // Roscoe Village: Audubon, Jahn

So you like to have fun? Good! Here are some of our favorite spots in your hood:




- Strange Cargo

- Mint Julep

- Noteworthy Notes

- Krista K.


Hangover Cure

- Crosby's Kitchen

- Southport Grocer

- DMK Burger Bar

- Left Coast 




Date Night

- Tango Sur

- Mia Francesca

- Las Tablas

- Bistro Dre

- Wilde

- Bar Pastoral


Get off the Couch

- Wrigley Field

- Brew & View

at the Vic

- Southport Lanes

- Diversey Driving


Caffeine Fix

- Dollop

- Heritage Bicycles 

- Cafe Tola

- Bow Truss 

Coffee Roasters